2010 Trip - Pictures!

I'm currently in the process of breaking down my last trip and putting all the events into a trip report. Day One is posted above.

Needless to say it was a goooooooood trip . . . just regaining sight in my left eye.

Here are some grades:

Encore Salon Suite: A

Encore Tower Suites Service: A+

Encore Casino: D (grade based on amount won)

Wynn Casino: A+ (unfortunately not enough to overpower Encore's 'D')

Botero: A

Okada: A

Hugo's: B/B-

Wazuzu: B+

Country Club Lunch: A

Encore Spa: A+++

Garth Brooks: No grade high enough

Rhino: A+ for humor experience only

El Cortez: C+

Four Queens: B

In room dining at Encore: B+

New Addiction: Survivor Slot Machines at Encore . . .for a seemingly innocent looking penny slot machine - I swear the devil is spinning the reels on this one . . .

Here are some pics from the trip - hopefully these will tide y'all over for now:

Whale Jo mixing it up during a game of BJ Switch at the Four Queens

First handpay of the Trip at Wynn casino - $5 WOF
I think $1660 . . .

View from my seat at Garth (center section, 13 rows up)

Shipit Steak Tartare at Botero (Encore) - yes, those toast points got naughty with that raw meat and egg.

Another view of the tartare, plus a shot of the crab appy. Shipit-delicious. Oh man - those fries were something else too.

The Progressive . . . hit on the first spin . . .

Survivor Slot Machine at Encore - winning with a whole lot of Rudy's . . .

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