Hurry Up and WAIT!

Just sitting at the airport . . . just found out Whale Jo's plane has already left and he's going to beat me there.  No worries I suppose - he claims he'll bring the Rolls back to pick me up.

I was going to try and wait and start drinking on the plane - but that plan went by the wayside . . . 1 gigantor Sam Adams already down the hatch. 

Currently looking for signs that this trip will be a good one . . . nice looking flight attendant walking by and smiling at me . . . that's a good one . . . getting carded for this beer . . . another good one.  If the plane's captain is named Thomas, I'm buying all the passengers a round.

God help the person sitting next to me - I hope they are ready to gamble . . . I forgot cards, so maybe they'll be interested in high stakes rock scissors paper . . . .

Also just sent an e-mail to the rest of the crew and offered up $100 if they can make it on my plane . . . .

Funny side note - as I try and check to see what this post looks like the airport web security screen is blocking my site due to it being inappropriate . . . . . it keeps saying "sex" . . . . now I'm giggling like a third grader.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jacko its Kidkind. Good luck on your first night out Brother I'm getting ready to go the airport soon See You in Vegas Man!