So Much To Report . . .

But so little time! Enjoying the morning here . . .gotta run to a hair cut . . . WTF . . . who scheduled this sooooo early.

Highlights from last night:

Handpay on $5 WOF
$300 into $6k at BJ
$2k popper on Let it Ride

All in all with the various swings to account for - I'm lucky to be up . . . .Whale Jo is too.

Dinner at Botero was amazing - best steak tartare I've ever feasted upon. The filet was superb as well. Onion rings made me cry.

More later.

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UnlimitedSoul said...

Can't wait to read more about this trip report.

Was the handpay on the $5 WOF from the "SPIN", or just on the reels?