Another LA Trip Report

Just got back from Los Angeles . . . this trip was a total surprise - especially since I had just been there in April. Until I boarded a plane on Thursday, 6/3/10, I had absolutely no clue as to where I was headed. Only thing I was told was to pack a bathing suit and some warm clothes.


What followed during the next three nights was incredible . . . here are the highlights:

Walking the red carpet at the World Premiere of "The A Team" . . . what a completely surreal experience.

My first face to face experience with real live paparazzi

The BEST Italian meal EVER . . .

Staying at the Sunset Marquis

Stand up paddle boarding in Malibu

Exploring the Magic Castle. . .

And everything in between . . . .on par, if not better, than any Vegas trip.


cottyh24 said...

Have been waiting for your TR on this but looks like that's not gonna happen so have to ask...where did you have the best italian meal ever?

Jaco said...

Sorry! Busy busy summer.

The restaurant was Madeo. So so so so so good.

cottyh24 said...

Thank you! I'll be in LA in Oct so will have to check it out.