The Trip Has Started . . . .

Finally the surprise was unleashed.  Whale Jo's 40th birthday party weekend officially kicked off last night.  I'll post more in trip report form when I get back.  But here are a few pics and some of the actual details of what we've done so far . . . .

Trip started with five of us flying into Burbank with various wives and children.  We were met by a couple limos and whisked off to the Chateau Marmont.  Whale Jo was booked in a 2BR penthouse suite there - for what he thought was the night.

Here's a photo from the outdoor terrace:

About 20 - 40 people gathered for a surprise party (more on that in the trip report).  Whale Jo was waaaay surprised.  But having us out of towners show up was just the beginning.  Next big surprise was letting Whale Jo we (the five of us and WJ) were going to Vegas that night.  Party started around 8, a limo was coming to pick us up at the Chateau and taking us back to Burbank.

For a midnight flight.

On a private jet.  A Hawker 800XP for anyone who cares . . .

Here are a few pics:

One of the two captains . .  . looking forward at the cockpit

Whale Jo meeting his shipit plane

The flight was fricking unbelievable.  More on that later too.

View from the jet as we touch down in Happyland

So we arrived last night at Encore around 1:45 a.m. . . . and then the final surprise for Whale Jo . . . checkin to a 2BR Apartment Suite . . . . 3,500 sq. ft. of Encore excellence.  Gamed until 3 a.m. or so . . . got up at 8 . . . and just spent day at a cabana at the Encore pool.

Gambling for me is up and down . . . down a few hundos at the moment thanks to my new addiction:  Amazing Race slots . . .  I hate them, but can't stop.

So, now just chillin' in the room:

Control in the 2BR Apt. Suite - Main Room

Off to Carnevino tonight and who knows what else . . . .

More later.



bocagirl12000 said...

Is that the Wynn plane? Can't wait for your next update!

LA_Trojan said...

damn! this is some hilarious #$@! jaco. i'd much rather read this than work right now.

Jaco said...

Thanks! I'd much rather be back in Vegas than writing about it ;)