New Non-Las Vegas Trip Report

Was in LA a couple days ago for a short in and out visit with Whale Jo, Mrs. Whale Jo and their brand spanking new baby, Lil' Guppy. Needless to say this was quite a different trip than what I usually experience when travelling with my good buddy.

One purpose of the trip was to introduce yours truly, Jaco, to the newest member of the Whale Jo clan. That part went great. I can't provide more details due to the seven page confidentiality agreement I had to sign.

Other purpose of the trip was just to hang out with Mr. and Mrs. and experience LA for a few days - Whale Jo had just moved out there permanently about six months ago.


Eating at Matsuhisa - while not quite hitting the high ceiling set by Sasubune in Honolulu (see review below), I found the food here better than what I have experienced at Okada.

Staying at La Casa de Whale Jo . . . cool hip neighborhood, five star accommodations . . .

Boogey Boarding at Manhattan Beach: A buddy of ours lives right on the ocean at Manhattan Beach and it would have been a crime not to stop by and say hello . . . the waves were awesome, dolphins were in the surf, and the three of us had a nice hot tub afterwards . . . in a tub that was about 3x5 . . .

Dinner Party at the Casa . . . fun meeting up with some Hollywood characters . . .

Hollywood Day . . . rode around the lot of one of the big studios on a golf cart - no, not the carts where 12 of you are packed in and driven around by a tour guide - this cart was one of the big head honcho's personal cart on loan to us . . . just me, Whale Jo and the missus . . . such a shipit ride . . . rode around checking out various building, lots, shooting sets . . . I was blown away by the experience . . . then a nice little lunch in the executive restuarant. Yum!

Chateau Marmont . . . had a few cocktails here w/ Whale Jo . . . then snuck into the back pool area and played some ping pong.

Secret Stairs . . . . type in secret stairs los angeles into google and the first link you'll see should be a link to this guide book to the secret staircases throughout LA . . . we did one of these tours . . . it was crazy . . . but wicked fun.



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