Vegas Crew Application

For the January trip, the crew is contemplating adding a few additional members. The first step in that process is being nominated by a current crew member . . . but what about after that? Shouldn't there be some sort of written application? Absolutely.

If you feel like answering the questions - please do! Just e-mail me back your answers. I've received a few already and the responses are pretty humorous! I'll post my favorite or favorites in the next couple days.

theApplication – You have 15 minutes to complete this Application in full.

Name: _________________________________________

1. Name, in sequence, the hotel casinos on the Strip, starting with Mandalay Bay, going as far north as Stratosphere, crossing the street to the Sahara, and then finishing at MGM.

2. Where is the best place to buy souvenirs in Vegas?

3. Who was Danny Gans?

4. If you needed to get from the MGM to the Las Vegas Hilton, would you:

(a) Take a cab;
(b) Take the monorail;
(c) Take the Deuce;
(d) Walk.

5. Name at least three steak joints on the Strip.

6. Name at least three free attractions in Vegas.

7. Name at least two strip clubs in Vegas.

8. Name at least five different table games you can find in a Vegas casino.

9. Where can you find a white tiger?

10. Who is the best female vocalist performing in Vegas (careful, trick question).

11. When faced with the choice at McCarren Airport of standing in the taxi line for 25 minutes or hopping in a limo or town car, which do you choose?

12. Please explain why you stop at a liquor store on the way to the hotel? Is it:

(a) To save some money so you can have drinks in your room;
(b) Because you are a degenerate drunk;
(c) To keep your buzz going from the 4 drinks on the airplane; or
(d) All of the above

13. When you arrive at your hotel, what is the first thing you do after checking in:

(a) Drop bags off with a bellhop and head straight for the tables;
(b) Head up to room and order room service, watch a movie and take a nap;
(c) Head up to room, scream at the top of your lungs, and then power down a mini-bar beer;
(d) Unpack, check blackberry, and drink a diet Cherry Coke.

14. When riding in a taxi or a limo, is it appropriate to ask the driver to drive as fast as he can up to a casino entrance and then hit his brakes so that the car will come to a screeching stop?

15. Two-part Question. It is 3 a.m. You are playing black jack. You order a drink. The drink does not come for 30 minutes. During that 30 minutes you suffer a money flush (i.e., you lose all your chips). Would you immediately call over the pit boss and demand that your entire trip be comped? If the pit boss didn't give you any love, would you continue your efforts up the management chain until you received some sort of just compensation?

16. You are playing $2-$4 limit poker at Luxor at 3 a.m. Your flush loses on the river to a full house. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being “never” and 10 being “done deal” how likely is it that you will accuse the dealer of cheating and demand to see surveillance tapes?

17. You go to a strip club with your buddy. You become separated. At some point you are lured back to a private room for a "dance." When you open the door to the room, you see your buddy sitting in there. Alone. He has a very shameful look on his face. How would you handle this situation?

18. What does RFB stand for?

19. Have you ever received a “comp” at a Vegas hotel. If so, please elaborate.

20. Is there ever a time when you would split K-K during a game of black jack?

21. Have you ever bet the dark side?

22. It is midnight. You get in a cab at Bellagio to go back to your room. Where are you staying?

23. What is the first question you should ask any cab driver in Vegas?

(a) How fast can you get me there?
(b) How are you?
(c) Where can I go to get a massage with a fourth of july surprise?

24. What is the best way at a restaurant to check whether or not your steak is cooked to your liking?

25. Do you know what a "juice roll" is? If so, please describe the most random person in Vegas that you have ever "juiced."


Mindy said...

The application is hilarious. I think I would fail.

BeeeJay said...

if my 5 yr old and 7 yr old can pass this test does that mean I fail the test of quality parenting?

I am pretty sure they could nail #1, and they do a great Steve Wynn " time, we do this in the Lobby...."

Chuckx said...

Lol, it sucks when the answer to # 22 is: Bellagio.