The October 2008 Trip Mini-Report

I'm baaaaaack . . . .

I'm still trying to process everything that happened on this last trip. What was supposed to be a two-day trip stretched into a three-day rollar coaster thrill ride. Am I overstating it a bit? No, not when you consider some of the highlights:

(1) First time holding a chocolate casino chip;

(2) Two W-2 payouts on a $2 Double Bonus VP machine within 30 minutes of each other (see pic below);

(3) Whale Jo walking off the BJ tables with five figure wins multiple times;

(4) $1,000 win on a PENNY machine . . . .(pic below);

(5) Incredible meals at the Wynn all on the house;

(6) Watching Whale Jo play three hot 7 slot machines at one time and getting 3 7s on each one;

(7) Discovering Vegas' Belly of the Beast - Circus Circus . . . .

(8) Riding in the Wynn Rolls to the airport (

And much more. This was another amazing Vegas trip. The Wynn was at an 'A+' level again and I can't imagine staying anywhere else . . . .well, except maybe Encore.

Were there some low points - but of course! That's what made this trip even better - rising out of the money-dump abyss.

Anyway, once I get my pics uploaded and the pics e-mailed over from Whale Jo, I can start putting those together with the written version of this Trip Report.

Hope you enjoy and stay tuned. Should have the first "chapter" up in a day or two.

Oh . . . and a new countdown has started: T-6 months . . . .and I'm resetting the Google money counter to ZERO . . . I flushed the $300 earned from clicks on the Google Ads (over to the right) in about five minutes on a $5 VP machine (pic below).

Here are a few pics from the Trip:

Four Aces at the Wynn:

Turning Pennies into a Grand over at the LV Hilton:

Riding to the Airport in the Wynn Rolls:

The Net Result of My $300 Google Bet:

Ahhhh, The Wynn at Night:

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ahh said...

I really like your reports! I will be in Vegas the 21st thru 27th in December and cannot wait! This will be the 1st time I have ever posted a report so bear with me! Have traveled 4 times a year for 10yrs.,and love to read what I have missed! Stardust was our first till the end, and now we camp out at Bally's. Want to know what to see and do during Christmas. Going to Ethel M's,but would like to find out what else there is to experince Vegas holiday charm?